Sunday, February 13, 2011

New LOGO design process - what fun!

This past week has had lots of excitement. I have been in the process of having a logo designed for the Mitchell Landscapes. I used a wed site called This is a great way to have get a relatively inexpensive logo developed through reaching potentially hundreds of designers (around the world).

The process starts by defining some general concepts that you want reflected in your logo. You then name what you are wiling to pay for your design (usually between $300-600) You pay your price up front and then your request is forwarded to the design community.

After a few hours designs start to come in  - you evaluate, rank, sort and provide fedback. That process continues for a week with more designers getting in on the action as the week progresses.  By the end of the week I had reviewed over 200 logos! The wedsite allowed me to invite folks into the process to help me decide.  I had 12 or so friends, evaluating, ranking and also providing feedback. Its a great website and I highly recommend it to any one who needs to have a logo developed.

Below are two versions of the logo that I decided on:

Thats it for now, Thanks for checking in - Dale